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You’ve all heard of a bucket list, right? It’s kind of a to do list before you die. Well, I put my own little spin on it and have compiled a sex bucket list. The number one thing on that list is to have sex with an Asian chick. I think they are the sexiest beings on the planet. I went to a strip club once and this Asian dancer gave me the most erotic dance I’ve ever gotten. She had me rock hard before she even took her clothes off. I gave her every dollar I had and begged her to fuck me. She wouldn’t do it and now I’m on a mission.

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A smooth bodied girl can make your world light up like never before. She can give you the best feelings possible, she can also make you do things that under normal circumstances you wouldn’t. I say this from personal experience as the stunner in the picture above made me realize what it takes to be a real man.

You couldn’t deny her passion for exploring more than just the simple pleasures. Her desire was so much more intense. You could instantly see in her eyes that once she had something on her mind there was no way in the world that you could chance it.

If she wanted to go skinny dipping on the spot, she would. She would get naked in public without a second thought. She is so full of life you’ll want to get your own version of her as soon as you can. Do yourself a solid and grab on with both hands as you visit PornGist.com!

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When I was in college I had these two female friends. We would hang out and have a lot of fun together. At one point all three of us were single so we were going out almost every night and living life to the fullest. One night after heavily drinking, we all went back to my place for a night cap. We were all rambling about various topics when I started complaining about having blue balls from all the hot girls at the club and the fact that I hadn’t had sex in what felt like decades. Being the good friends these ladies were, they offered to assist me with my problem. That led to the best night of my life.

You can save 65% now with a discount to All Fine Girls and get hot action like that and so much more. This site features only the hottest babes with the biggest appetites for sex. These ladies will burying their faces in a pussy just as fast as swallowing a cock.

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My best friend and I are bisexual. We’ve been fucking since we were kids. Hell he was the cause of my first ejaculation. I was sure to return the favor. As we’ve grown we’ve developed a taste for women too. Somehow we’ve also developed an anger towards women. They are just something we play with in bed every once in awhile.

It’s not uncommon for us to all get it on. It works out really well when we find a real slut that likes it rough. You see when he and I are together there’s a tenderness. We caress one another’s cocks and make love. When a girl gets involved it’s rough angry sex. We slam into her as hard as we can, just trying to split her in two. We take turns with the pussy and the ass, both filling her with every inch. My absolute favorite thing in the world is when I watch him shoot his cum in a tight pussy and I lick it up. Get 34% off Perfect Gonzo with our discount.

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I watch a lot of porn. A LOT of porn. I watch so much that I’ve started filming some of my own amateur content with my girlfriend. I discovered quickly that she was a lousy porn actress, so I started holding auditions for new girls. I sent my girlfriend a text letting her know (after the auditions) and I’m pretty sure she was fine with it. (I haven’t heard from her in a couple weeks, but whatever.)

To get some tips on interviewing new girls, I signed up for a membership to WoodmanCastingX.com. It shows real porn auditions of girls trying to break into the industry. It’s so hot watching them have to perform on the spot, taking a cock down their throats or in their tight little assholes. I get 4600 Full HD videos so I can review every little dirty detail.

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Not all of us want to see another guy’s dick in our fapping material. It’s a like a fly on the soup for me and many others. Imagine you’re about to nut, and the camera cuts to the guy’s sweaty face. You just nutted to a close-up of a guy’s hairy nostrils. Yuck! I don’t want that to ever happen to me (again).

Here’s my solution: Solo scenes. Just a gorgeous girl doing her thing; showing off her stunning body and touching herself for the camera while we touch ourselves to them. No moment-ruining cock appearances, no more thinking “What a waste of nut;” just good times.

For me, the best solo site out there is FTV Girls, that’s why I’m leaving you this FTVGirls.com 34% off discount that you will definitely appreciate. You’ll find plenty of extremely beautiful girls (all kinds of them) putting on an excellent show while they parade their exquisite attributes and reach climax with you.

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I am simply hooked by VR as it takes the world by storm. I do think we have a long way to go still, especially as far as hardware is concerned if you just consider how bulky the goggles still are and that it is apparently acceptable to sell cardboard models for double digit dollars, but there is no doubt that this is the future of visual media entertainment.

The award winning site HoloGirlsVR is one of the front runners of the pack and if you’re interested to check out (and get hooked on) the future of porn then this is a very good place to drop a couple of dollars into for a membership. Your timing would be perfect because they are running some really sweet specials and you can save 25% with this HoloGirlsVR discount.

They already have a decent size content library which they are expanding rather frequently and the showcase top drawer pornstars such as Dahlia Skye in picture.

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Horny teens will do just about anything to get off. If you love seeing them using toys and anything imaginable to make their tight wet pussies cum, then you’re going to love seeing them using this big fluffy panda to do the same!

They hump, they moan, they get off again and again with their furry fuck friend, and it’s all so incredibly fun and erotic, you will hope and pray to be reincarnated as a giant stuffed animal in your next life!

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Here’s another kinky site that’s fun, sexy, and sure to please. Sexy porn babes spin a wheel to reveal the challenge they must undertake with a super-huge dong full of fake jizz. Sometimes it’s pile driving their assholes, taking it missionary or doggy, or getting a huge creampie. Lots of times, things end with a huge, creamy facial if they’ve done well and they get a trophy. You want in on some kinky fun like this? Here’s where you can get 67% off with a Cock Competition discount.

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Sup guys and girls. False free porn ads have been pissing me off since the dawn of the internet really. There’s always some or other conditional clause the moment you have a closer look. Free as long as you this, free if you that, free as long as you pay. Such bullshit.

And then bam! I’ve been watching no strings attached, no membership fees porn ever since and I wanted to let all of you know that you can also watch high quality videos here for free.

It’s not like I can benefit from it in any way by keeping it to myself and honestly, I would have have shared it even if I could, because fuck all the guys who have ever wasted my time with their false advertising.

That’s my rant and my gift to you all.


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Yeah, this happened. It’s really not all that unusual when you consider this tight little babe is getting her white, black, and Asian fix all rolled into one. That’s a big fuckin’ dildo she’s taking into her sweet little pussy too. Goodness, maybe we should call this Panda BBC. It’s some hot, life-size plushie interracial sex. Did you know that girls sometimes fuck their stuffed animals to get off? Yeah, true story. Anyway, if you’re up for some sexy weird stuff, here’s where you can get your own offer to save 80% with a discount to Panda Fuck.

It’s actually kind of hot, honestly. Not something I’d normally look further into, but not something I could really help myself with. I think because pandas are so damn innocent or something, there’s not really too much that seems wrong about this. It’s just kinky, and you know someone’s still getting off, despite however that may happen. Grabbing this deal’s going to get you into the entire WTF Pass Network of porn as well, by the way. There’s some pretty hot shit there for sure, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra, so have a look and grab your deal to this awesome network!

From superheroes to princesses and all kinds of geekdom in between, these babes deliver on the fantasy. There are slender chicks and curvy, blondes, brunettes, redheads, and wild colors. Some of the girls masturbate, others get passionate with other costumed cuties, and many also engage in hardcore fucking. You can get this Cosplay Babes discount for up to 90% in savings.

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These girls are filthy and have absolutely no shame in fucking in their school uniforms, but a lot of times those end up coming off anyway. Watch them getting fucked by boyfriends and much older men, sometimes at the same time! They give blowjobs, take creampies, get gangbanged, fuck in costume, get fingered, and so much more. These Asian sluts have no boundaries.

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BBW dating

If you went through all the time, bother, and effort in setting up a BBW date, you might be forgiven for thinking that a lot of the heavy lifting were done. You might be forgiven for thinking that the moment you set up a BBW date, you’ve won. I can see why people would be very forgiving and look at the situation from this perspective because hey let’s face it; you went through a lot of hurdles to get to this point. You went through a lot of hoops; you overcame a lot of challenges; you’ve dealt with a lot of bullshit.

With that said, understand that setting up a BBW sex site and getting what you want are totally different things. Anybody can set up a BBW date it’s just like an appointment. You can call your dentist, set up an appointment but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will show up. Just because you picked up the phone, and you set up a time and place for you to get some dental work done, doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have what you’re looking for which is a bright, shiny smile.

The same applies to set up a BBW date. You can go through the hoops and hassles of playing the numbers’ game at the typical BBW dating website, putting up with all sorts of ass holes, filtering all sorts of bitches and chick who are trying to trick you and only to go on a BBW date and fail and again and again and again.

I don’t want you to fail. This is why it’s really important to understand that when you set up a BBW date, you’re just starting the process that’s just turning the key into the keyhole. That’s just the beginning, you’re taking the 1st step. Are you with me so far? If you’re able to understand that, then you have to do the next steps.

You have to understand that you have to have the right attitude. You’re not there as some sort of gift to her just because she’s overweight, doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s desperate, you need to get those ideas out of your head. Second, you have to make her comfortable, understand that you’re both there to have a good time. You’re not there for emotional strings; You’re not there to be your husband; You’re not there to be her boyfriend. None of that shit is in play.

She knows that, and you know it. Instead, you’re there to establish a mutual level of comfort so not only do you get to fuck each other a lot and have a good time, but you set up a great pattern for the next BBW date. That is your mission, you have to wrap your mind around this these factors otherwise, you’re going to fail.

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